About Us

RE Future is an Australian owned and funded enterprise
operated by a small group of seasoned wind industry professionals.

Our extensive knowledge of Victoria’s wind topography and the local/regional electricity grid enables us to identify new and previously overlooked locations for the establishment of wind generation facilities.

Our proven expertise in securing development approval for wind farms enables us to move quickly to secure sites and obtain the necessary permits and agreements. Finally, when the time is right, our network of potential investors and development partners will ensure funding is available when needed to commence construction.

The company’s Directors David Shapero, Pete Lausberg, Adrian Nelson, Severin Staalesen and Peter Higgins are some of the most experienced wind farm developers in Australia with more than 50 years combined experience. Since 2001 they have worked together independently or as partners in several different entities and have successfully developed over 840 MW of wind projects that are now built and operating. Most recently all Directors were team members of one of Victoria’s leading independent wind farm developers Future Energy, which was acquired by Germany’s BayWa r.e. in 2017

Over its 12 year history, Future Energy secured Victorian Government development approval for Hepburn, Chepstowe, Maroona, Yawong, Timboon, Ferguson and Diapur wind farms and one solar facility.

Future Energy also managed the construction of two of these projects at Chepstowe near Ballarat (2015) and Maroona near Ararat (2018), having obtained private investment and bank debt. The Timboon and Yawong projects were constructed in 2019 by BayWa and are now owned by Epic Energy Pty Ltd, while Ferguson and Diapur are currently under construction by BayWa.

Chepstowe Maroona